We breed chickens here at the farm.

We breed chickens here at the farm.
Our breeding coops

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Updated : 4/26/2013

Located in: Henderson, NC. 27537
We Specialize in Standard Size Poultry. The two exceptions are the Call Ducks & Japanese they are Bantam size chickens & ducks that average around 1 - 2 pounds when full grown.
Chickens: Blue Jersey Giants (Blue/Black/Splash ), Cuckoo Marans & Birchen Marans(next year),
Olive Egg Layers & Easter Eggers
Black Brested Red Japanese bantams.
Ducks: Call Ducks in the following colors~  Pastel, Blue Fawn, Black Magpie, Buff, Khakis & a few mix colors that are very pretty!
Wishard Turkeys - coming next year. Eggs are in the incubator now.

I have a new  line of Blue Jersey Giants breed. I will be breeding for Show and will be showing this year.
We will also be working with enlarging the size (eggs & body) of our Olive Eggers. 

We are Not shipping chicks  this year. We normally do but,(there will be times I can not ship) and we do allow pick ups ,But you can not see, hold(pet) ,or go to the breeding pens or hatchery room as we are NPIP & AI clean.
I will show the breeders to you by picture or at a distance so my flocks stay happy and healthy which in turn means your chicks/ducklings  will be happy and healthy. We are a small farm and not a Big hatchery so please understand when you order there will be times when the hens just won't lay~ be it~ broody, molting or on strike for whatever reason.  We will do the best we can as we are not a BIG hatchery with thousands of birds.  At those times we will work with the buyer and work with all understanding customers. The Rule of thumb here is do to others what you want done to you. So please remember this when ordering eggs, chicks,
ducklings to adults when we have them for sale. I can not ship just hatched Call Ducklings &  There is a min order number of 15 for shipping for chicks. We only have enough to show, breed, feed and enjoy at the farm. We do this as a joyful hobby only. 
Thank you for your interest in our site, our breeds and our farm
Hope you enjoy the site.
Soaring Hawks Farm

Also our only birds we  have for sale are on the Sale's page. Unless noted other wise on sale page or breed page.
If none are posted then we don't have any at that time.



  1. Just wanted to let you know that all the silkie babies are doing well. I took pictures last night but I forgot to bring in my camera cord. Maybe tomorrow.

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  3. I am so glad I found your page! I'm very interested in your Jersey blues! I just want some for my back yard coop,I don't show them our anything but I do find it interesting!

    1. Hello is there a number I can contact you folks with my number is 407-791-3035 my name is farad please give me a call sometime I would like to acquire your giants

  4. Hello I am trying to get a hold of you folks about your jersey giants please call me my name is farad 407-791-3035

  5. Please email me
    I'm interested in buying some of your NJ Giants.