We breed chickens here at the farm.

We breed chickens here at the farm.
Our breeding coops

French Cuckoo Marans & Birchen Marans

Great source of information about the breed.
Pictures coming soon these hatched 4/22/12
for pictures of the Birchen Marans till I get my pictures up please view this site~ http://www.feathersite.com/Poultry/CGK/Marans/BRKMarans.html

We plan on getting more for breeding. We are sorry to say we lost all but one hen do to dog attack this fall. I am on a waiting list for them through a great breeder.
We will be getting Cuckoo Marans  this year. They will not be ready till fall.


Cuckoo Marans breeder chicks have hatched
pictures coming soon

UPDATED : 5/1/2013

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