We breed chickens here at the farm.

We breed chickens here at the farm.
Our breeding coops


Updated: 4-26-13
(At this time(this YEAR) I can not ship)
We are now Located in Henderson, NC.

Please check back with us in the spring (March) for hatching eggs from the Jersey Giants,
We will have Olive/Easter Eggers/Black Breasted Red Japanese Bantams, Call Ducks.
 Please feel free to e-mail us for more information on our breeds.
Thank you for your interest in our Farm and our breeds.
Soaring Hawks Farm

Hello, I am looking for  Bobwhites and Guinea keets ( really want Jumbo Pearls) If you have any please e-mail me. If you have what I want and I have something you want I am willing to make a trade.  If you don't want chick or ducklings we have a few unmarked fruit trees we would trade with too. ( trees will be apples  some rare, pears, peaches, plums. A few are marked) Trees are local pick up and  priced at $10.00 each unmarked and $15.00 marked. Some will bare fruit this year.

Black Pea Comb  Blue Jersey Giant X Olive Egger.
Hatched - 2/14/12
$ 25.00 lays a XLG Brown Egg.

SOLD! thanks Huckleberry Schnauzers! Olive Egg Layer Pair (Unrelated)
$ 40.00
Blue Jersey Giant X Olive Egg Layer Rooster (Passes the Olive gene)
Color is Splash with Red. (Rare color combo)

Laying Hen~

Cuckoo Marans OEL (lays a Brown egg)




Call Ducks for Sale~ SOLD

$80.00 for all 4 call ducks.

The Duck are sisters and bonded must be sold together!

I hand raised the ducks and one drake & a friend hand raised Reeses. All where NPIP tested in WV and all but the 2012 drake not pictured is banded by WV State Vet tester.

They are laying right now.
Baby Ruth
Htached 2011

Hatched 2011

Reeses (One more Drake looks like him but has white patch on chest)
Hatched 2009

Duckling (What they look like)

Hatching Eggs~
Due to  handling of Post Office & Because hatching is under your control and there is no compensation for poor hatch rates. We do not issue refunds do to damage caused by the post office handling. Do to it is out of our hands on how they are handle on the way to buyer. We will pack the eggs the best we can and will do all we can on our end to make sure they get there as they where when they left our farm.   Please  feel free to send pictures of them if you get a bunch of broken eggs and the box I shipped them in. After review of pictures and compared to picture prior to shipping I send to you of how they are packed. From there we will work something out with the buyer, but it will NOT be a refund. If this is not to your liking please don't order eggs from us. There are just to many out there take advantage of others and I can not afford to the lost of eggs and what little money I get from them to make do feeding my flocks in the winter . Thanks.

Olive Egg Layers & Easter Eggers ~ $25.00 a dozen.
Jersey Giants~ BBS~$ 30.00 a dozen. VERY LIMITED  
Call Ducks~ $30.00 a dozen. ( laying)
Black Breasted Red Japanese Bantams ~ $25.00 a dozen
Birchen Marans~ $30.00 a dozen 2014
Cuckoo Marans~ $30.00 a dozen 2014

Chicks ~

Local pick up only at this time till I can get NPIP again here in NC.

$3.00 each  on EE's & OE's
$4.00 each on Blue Jersey Giants ( when I have any)
$4.00  each on the Japanese Bantams
$8.00 each mixed colors at this time on Call Ducks.

I can Only ship day old chicks at this time and adults.
(3 months old and up) When I have any for sale.
Shipping info. ~Express mail USPS  ONLY!
They will be sold as straight run only! Sorry No Sexing!