We breed chickens here at the farm.

We breed chickens here at the farm.
Our breeding coops

Jersey Giants~ Blue,Black,Splash

These are OUR breeders & are not for sale. Please see our sale page for available birds.

We are growing out a new and better line of Show Quality Blue Jersey Giants. These won't be of breeding age till next year (2013).
Colors are Blue,black and a splash.

Blue Rooster~( all ages is 6 months at time of pictures)

Blue Pullet~
Dark Blue Pullet~
Black Pullets~


We will be adding to them this year so our flock next year will be bigger.
Here is our older hens.
Chimalis "Bluebird(Unknown)"
Hatched 3-18-2011

Chumani "Dewdrops (Sioux)"
Hatched 3-18-2011

Aiyana "Eternal Blossom(unknown)
Splash Hen
Hatched 3-18-2011








Please note as this is a American breed I have named them with Native-American names. Meanings are beside the names.


Blue gene chart.

If you mate:

Blue X Blue = 50% Blue . 25% Black , 25% Splash

Blue X Splash = 50% Blue , 50% Splash

Blue X Black = 50% Blue, 50% Black

Splash X Black = 100% Blue

Black X Black = 100% Black

Splash X Splash = 100% Splash

Updated : 4- 26-2013